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1. Tips for case-1 thru case-8

2. Picture as of last day

3. Case-3 presentation-all 

4. Case-4 presentation-all

5. Case-5 presentation-all

6. Case-6 presentation-all

7. Case-7 presentation-all

8. Case-8 presentation-all

■■ Reference
Control System Security Center (CSSC)
as a technology research association

■about CSSC

■CSSC Tohoku Tagajo Headquarter

■CSSC Promotion Movie (English version)……gsevPqZpAg

インターネットマーケティング TIPSを読む・・・

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  1. Thank You very much for your ISMS lecture and exercise.
    It’s useful for me to implement security in my plant.

    SITTHICHAI Ngamsomchit
    Bangpakong Power Plant
    EGAT Thailand

    1. Dear SITTHICHAI Ngamsomchit
      We are very pleased to hear your positive feedback.
      I hope we will have more smile by next time.
      Best regards to your team, k.takeshita


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